The Elephas Education Philosophy

Elephas Education are committed to setting a new benchmark for quality early childhood education and care in Australia, with our unique approach to guiding children on a path of growth and success. Incorporating beautiful learning environments with open-ended resources that create endless learning possibilities, we believe that it is through play and investigation children develop the foundations for further learning. These include exploration of their environment, who they are and where they fit within the world they belong. We pride ourselves on providing our families with open, honest, and effective daily communication ensuring a solid partnership between families and educators.

Our curriculum is based on the Early Years Learning Framework which covers all key areas of development catering for children’s individual needs while fostering their unique ability positively and encouraging self-paced learning. Our aim is to ensure children have a strong sense of identity by supporting children’s independence and offering children assistance to understand, appreciate, and respect various social and cultural diversities within their community, thus ensuring all children receive equal opportunities regardless of socio-economic background, ethnicity, gender, race or physical ability..

With a strong emphasis placed on learning through investigation, discovery and inquiry our educators incorporate nationally approved educational programs that are influenced by a multi-theorist approach. We endeavor to create opportunities to ensure our children are confident and involved learners by creating an environment that promotes a sustainable future. Our services provide beautiful splash zones for the children with a variety of water play opportunities allowing them to extend upon their imagination and creativity.

We feel it’s important to ensure children are connected with and contribute to their world. This is achieved by ensuring children have access to our unique animal interactions program where they gain hands on experience, caring for and nurturing animals as well as learning about responsibility and sustainability. We put emphasis on the importance of developing a consistency between early childhood practices at home and those at the centre; this is to enhance the children’s general feeling of security within themselves and to develop strong relationships with others.

As educators we understand that children’s communication skills are vitally important, and we acknowledge children’s verbal and nonverbal cues as meaningful communication. We strive to ensure children are effective communicators by including languages from other cultures and encourage families from other cultures to participate and contribute within our programs. We aim to provide children with access to a wide range of media and different communication technologies including iPads and interactive smart boards, to investigate cause and effect, symbolism, and engage children in investigative play opportunities. This will in turn teach lifelong learning skills that children can make use of and build upon in the future.

By ensuring this philosophy is the foundation of every aspect of our centre practices we are safeguarding our children have a strong sense of wellbeing and are happy, healthy, and valued members of the community. Our centres provide nutritionally balanced meals for children ensuring their individual dietary needs are met and we aim to foster all children to become the big people of tomorrow.

The Meaning Behind Elephas Education

The Elephas Education brand was inspired by the bond between elephants and their young within their herd. We’ve all heard the saying - it takes a tribe. Our name speaks to the commitment we have to nurturing children throughout their early childhood and fostering enduring, cooperative and supportive bonds.

Elephas reflects the similarities between our role as educators guiding children on a path of growth and success and elephants watching over their young as they learn to navigate the world around them.

Elephas is memorable, just like great early childhood education experiences.

Our Mission and Values

Our Mission
Our mission is to support the in-depth development of each unique Elephas child and equip them with the knowledge, skills and experiences needed to support them to their next phase of education.

Our Early Childhood Values:
We show respect and empathy
We practice what we promise
We support each other to succeed
We understand families needs
We believe in creating positive impact within our centre communities

Our Promise To Your Child:
We will value and nurture your needs
We will respect and listen to your voice
We will be flexible in our forward thinking
We will actively engage in learning alongside you
We will be there, in the moment, everyday

Our Promise To You:
We will value your presence and feedback
We will be respectful of your family
We will provide you with knowledge and guidance
We will collaborate to excel your child’s growth
We will make you feel at home

We encourage you to come and meet us and get to know the educators who will guide your child on their early learning journey.