Generating self-empowerment and supporting healthy friendships.

Now that children are experiencing the preoperational stage of Jean Piaget’s cognitive development theory, our educators will begin to co-learn and mentor children to develop their fullest cups through self- regulation practices. Affirmations, responsibilities, decision making and celebration of accomplishments are how we can embrace the children in our Piaget Studio’s best self.
We believe growing confidence and self-esteem enables children to feel happy and comfortable with who they are, as well as try new things. Allowing children to have a say in their lives and make choices that affect them helps them to be independent. Empowerment is a key factor in building resilience, which enables children to bounce back from whatever life throws their way. When children understand that they are powerful creators in their own worlds, they develop a sense of self-respect. Self-respect enables children to better respect and value others.
Our overall goal for your child is too support a confident, independent child to have the best chance of being an effective learner and shaping a fantastic future for themself.

We would love to show you our Dusk Wing and answer any questions you may have about our program.